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my goal to show you the real Egypt through Egyptian eyes

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Alexandria, Egypt’s prettiest city in the northern cost of Egypt you can visit, relax & tour.Named after Alexander the great who built it 332 BBC, when you walk in Alexandria now You can see the history a live in front of you especially if you tour the down tour or walk along the corniche Alexandria consider the summer capital of Egypt with so many nice attractions that you must visit like the site of ancient light house of Alexandria one of the seven wonders of ancient world , the new library of Alexandria , the pretty mosque of Abu Elabbas, the old church of saint citrine, the catacombs , the castle of kaitbey , may other great sites that you should tour when you are in Alexandria

Alexandria has one of the biggest ports in Africa which handles 80% of Egypt import& exports We receive much cruise lines full of tourists that wish to visit Alexandria to make day trip to Cairo or Al Alamein or Rosetta.

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