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The Graeco-Roman Musum


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Mathaf al Romani Street, Egypt, Alexandria
Hours : 9:00am-4pm

About this place

The Graeco-Roman Museum was built in 1892 and it had 11 galleries, but over the time, as the museum grew, extra galleries were added. Museum is home to many valuable collections, such as the coin collection that dates back to 3rd century BC.

There are exhibited items representing the cult of Serapis as well. They represent the period between, or the transition period between two totally different religions, the Roman and Pharaonic. Mummies, Christian antiquities, Roman and Helenic statues all pertain to this collection.

The Apis Bull that was found near the Pompey Pillar in Alexandria which dates back to the period of the Emperor Hadrian can be seen in this museum. 

In the other rooms of the museum visitors can enjoy the exhibitions of pottery, statues, sphinx, Isis, amphoras, textile, metal, sliver, gold, glass, etc.

The Museum Garden is also admirable. It contains numerous statues and artifacts spread out through the garden.


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