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Jordan Valley


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Jordan Valley considered the food basket for Jordan and also one main sources of income to Jordan .

thousands of tons of vegetables , fruits & citruses exported every year to Arab neighbor countries , the warm climate and natural fertilize soil are the main reason in addition of water supply from water dams surrounding the valley and al yarmouk river one of Jordan river branches.

The green valley considered one of the major attractions for locals and foreign tourist specially during winter & summer time not only for natural landmarks but also for historical , Biblical & Islamic Sites .

The Jordan valley Accommodate the lowest point on earth ( the dead Sea ) , the holy river of Jordan , Bethany Village where Jesus Christ had baptized and the land where prophet Muhammad companions shrines ( abu obaidah bin aljarah & Moath bin Jabal ).

Two Important Border Bridges laying over the jordan river , and connecting jordan from east side and Israel & Palestinian territories from west Side . 

 Early Morning from the eastern mountains surrounding the valley you will have a spectacular view and can see clearly the shining golden dome of al aqsa mosque and mountains of Jerusalem .

Many of coffee shops stretching above the mountains top with many visitors to watch the sunset over the valley and enjoying Arabian coffee , tea with mint and argilla.  



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