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Must-see places and Must-do activities in Addis Ababa

Meaning "the New Flower" in the official government language of Ethiopia (Amharic), Addis Ababa is the country's Capital City, and Africa's biggest Diplomatic base as it is home to the Head Quarters of the African Union, the HQ of the UN Economic Commission for Africa and more than 110 embassies. 

Few places visitors of this fast growing and capital of more than eighty different ethnic groups of the country are: -

- The National Archaeological Museum of Ethiopia (where ancient fossils of humans and animals dating back millions of years are kept in. Most importantly - the fossil remains of Lucy (3.25 mil years of age))

- Merkato market - the biggest outdoor market in Africa to visit the interesting cultural pockets of it like the Spice Market, the hand woven basket market, and the recycling sections. Mercato is also a great place to meet Ethiopian people from more than 80 different ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

- Drive to Mount Entoto to have a panoramic view of the city and visit the oldest palace and church in Addis Ababa

- And, don't leave without taking part in the typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Addis Ababa is a great place for tasting one of the best coffee you'd ever have as Ethiopia is the birthplace of Coffee.

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