Content Quality Guidelines

You may notice that there are some Tour Guides on Synotrip that have posted some amazing content, and some that have posted hundreds or even thousands of pieces.

Why would they spend so much effort? And why would they continue doing it year after year?

There's a good reason for that.

Synotrip is the engine. Your content is the fuel!

The best way to get more business is to post content that is entertaining or informative for Trippers.

Synotrip has hundreds of thousands of pages for destinations all over the world. It's a community of Tour Guides working together.

That creates a powerful force greater than the sum of its parts. It causes Synotrip to do very well on Google, Baidu and other search engines.

So, why post on Synotrip? What are the alternatives?

You could post some content on other Tour Guide platforms. But they all charge 15-20% commission. Synotrip charges nothing per sale.

You could post on your own website. In fact, if you have the time and resources, we recommend you still do! But by posting on Synotrip, you'll be able to build up results easier.



Let's move on to the guidelines. Our moderators sort through thousands of posts per month. They weed out content that doesn't meet the guidelines and reward those that post outstanding content.



All content posted on Synotrip must be valuable to readers. If Synotrip moderators feel it isn't valuable at all, it will be unpublished.

Click here to see if you currently have any unpublished content.

1. Please don’t upload English content that can not be understood. Your content doesn't need to be perfect but it should at least be readable.

2. Please don't post lots of content about a certain subject matter with the intent of taking advantage the system. Each Tour Guide can only upload a maximum of 20 posts per day.

3. Upload content as the appropriate content type. Uploading Tour content to Attraction, for example, would be incorrect.

4. Synotrip is a place to provide Tour Guide, interpreter & car rental services. In fact, anything travel-related is fine. It is not the right place to post about:

——Goods sales. If you want to look for foreign buyers, please choose trade website rather than Synotrip.


——Erotic services. Your page will be permanently deleted if we find you're using it to promote escort services.


Types of Content

Your profile is for writing about yourself and your services.

  • Regular (non-premium) Tour Guides can not leave any contact information (such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, other social platform account information, any personal web links). Only Tour Guides with a Premium Membership can publicly list their contact information. For more about the benefits of premium membership, click here.
  • There is an exclusive field for Premium Members to fill in your contacts on the profile page, see screenshot below. You can leave your phone numbers, email addresses, social platform account info and 1 link to your own website. Please don't leave any contacts or links in "About Me" or "Tagline" fields though.

       PA example

  • The profile picture must be clear and not include any watermark about contact information or websites.
  • Username and Tagline section shall not include websites or contact information.
  • Synotrip is a platform committed to facilitating mutual communication between Tour Guides and Trippers. However, we also hope that our users adhere to the principle of fair competition. If any Tour Guide is found to be conducting malicious competition by registering multiple accounts, or more than one person is using the same account, we will immediately pause all of his/her accounts.


Attractions are for listing physical places with addresses.

  • In the "website" field, enter the official website address only.
  • Only post Attractions that are not already on Synotrip. Before you post, please do a quick search to see if the given Attraction has already been posted on Synotrip.
  • Do not post content on Synotrip that is also on other websites. All the content must be original.
  • The number of characters you add to the Attraction's description should be at least 500 characters.
  • Do not post any form of your contact information in the Attraction.


Photo-Albums are for uploading travel photos

  • The pictures should be clear;
  • Never include contact information.
  • Each album should have a unique name.
  • Do not show any nudity. (Yes, it’s happened before.)
  • Do not post somebody other than yourself, such as a celebrity.
  • Do not upload photos of the same topic into different Mini-alums just aims to gain more points. We will reject all of such photos if you do so.
  • Do not post content on Synotrip that is also on other websites. All the content must be unique.
  • Minimum 3 photos for each photo album.


Tours are for posting tour packages.

  • Try to be original, but you may include some (no more than 50%) content that is also posted elsewhere on the Internet.
  • The number of characters you uploaded on Tour should not be less than 500 characters.
  • Do not post any contact information in the Tour.


Articles are for publishing any useful or interesting travel-related texts that don't fit as any other kind of content type.

  • Do not post content on Synotrip that is also on other websites. All the content must be unique.
  • The number of characters you uploaded on Articles should not be less than 500 characters.
  • Do not post any contact information in Articles.


Reviews of Tour Guides are only accessible to 'Tripper'-type users.

  • Each Review shall not be less than 150 characters
  • Do not post any contact information in Reviews.


Deduction Rules                                                                                 

To those users who routinely break the rules, we will take punishment measures as follows:        

1. Warning for the first violation;

2. 5 points deduction for the second violation;

3. 20 points deduction and one week account freeze for the third violation.

4. Account freeze.


Editor's Picks

We love to reward exemplary content - the kind of content that makes readers think "wow, that's interesting" or "that's really useful."

Content that is chosen as an "Editor's Picks" is seen by a lot more travellers. Plus, you get 20 points for each Editor's Pick.

When choosing Editor's Picks, we use the following guidelines:

  • The content must be original.
  • There are at least 1,000 characters of content in the post. Please post content with pictures, and make sure the content is easy to understand.
  • There are at least 5 photos.

We usually choose about 4-8 Editor's Picks per week.


The more valuable content you post, the more points you'll get. So, as they say in China, 加油!  (Or, "step on the gas!")