Abu Dhabi International Airport Tours – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi International Airport
مطار أبوظبي الدولي


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About this place

Abu Dhabi International airport is located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates:Abu Dhabi . the airport is still expanding, costs $68000000000.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is second largest airport of the United Arab Emirates , another one is  Dubai International Airport , these two are major aviation hub airport in the Middle East , many airlines stop here between Asia, Europe and Africa

Duty-free shops and restaurants: 1000 square meters of business class lounge, electronic shutter

Ground transportation

The United Arab Emirates, united airlines provide shuttle bus to the Etihad Airways by Abu Dhabi International Airport to Dubai International Airport.The tickets must be purchased, such as Dubai, to buy only the passengers can not fly to Abu dhabi.

Terminal area by the United Arab Emirates second big airline Etihad Airways management --, the United Arab Emirates Airlines is the first airline emirates.

Airport year passenger volume of 5000000, 32 check-in counters, 12 gates, 15 boarding Zhanqiao, 5 baggage conveyor belt, 500 temporary parking spaces, 200 fixed parking spaces, 1 The Airport Hotel, DFS duty-free shops in Abu Dhabi

28000 square feet of retail space, located at No. third lounge.The sale of more than 70 international famous luxury brand

In March 18, 2003, the Abu Dhabi (one of Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) announced the world's first national level based on iris recognition technology for the expulsion of foreigners iris tracking and border control system started,

This system began construction in 2001, its purpose is to prevent all by the Abu Dhabi expulsion of tourists and other personnel in Abu dhabi.Without this system in the past, due to the unique characteristics of the surface of the Arabs (beard more)

The number, and deported many, customs inspection staff is very difficult to distinguish between what is a deported person.By using this system, illegal immigration, all be avoided, got the maximum guarantee for national security.

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