About Synotrip

Synotrip is a place for tour guides & travellers to meet and share their experiences with others. There are over a thousand tour guides on the site, and it continues to grow. Synotrip is especially popular in China & other Asian countries.

It's completely free, and we intend to keep it that way. Tour Guides can buy premium memberships to get some extra benefits.

Synotrip launched a new version in July 2016 and is now constantly updating the site.


The Team



One of the original founding members, Tait is originally from Canada and has spent quite a few years living and travelling in China. It was these experiences in China that spurred him to create Synotrip.  

Tait also founded Nanjing Marketing Group, which works very closely with Synotrip.


Estrella manages the daily operations of Synotrip. Estrella is passionate about travel and cake making!


Hailing from Argentina, Jennifer is Synotrip's web developer.


Samantha was a Synotrip moderator and part-time tour guide since 2008. She aims to travel to every country in the world and has been to over 20 so far.


Stephanie is a community moderator.


Candice is a community moderator.