Author: Miki Shanghai Tour
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        Normally people don`t expect finding good restaurants in any railway station. It is unusual to have a good restaurant in railway station.  Here i would like to share my discovery with you .

      When you travel to Hangzhou by train, sometime you will arrive Hangzhou at lunch time or leave Hangzhou at dinner time ,if  you  have enough free time at Hangzhou railway station  and want to have a nice Chinese meal here. Please go this restaurant: Grandma`s . You go to first floor of railway station, you will see a big sign with Grandma`s, it   is indicated in 15 floor of the building. 

     Grandma`s restaurant has many chain restaurants in Hangzhou, it is the most welcomed restaurant by Hangzhou locals. It is a combination of Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine,Hangzhou cuisine.  The price is very fair, can be said cheap comparing with its excellent good, service, nice environment .

     For your reference, one time,3 of us we have spent 85 RMB for 5 dishes .

     However, the cost of your meal depending on what you have ordered, but i can say is the price here is very fair comparing with other similar restaurant in Hangzhou.

    I love Grandma` !




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