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Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
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Fee Per Hour: $12

Fee Per Day: $80

Gender: Male
Transportation: Private bus
 Private car
English Level: Fluent
Services Provided: Tour guide
 Shopping assistant
 Airport/train station pickup
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About me:

Dear visitors, I'm Sichuan freelance guide Haba Yefei, I have been guiding in Sichuan, Yunnan and east Tibet since July 2007.
I was born and grew up in a small town surrounded by big mountains until I went to high school at the age of 15, and then went to Xiamen University when I was 18, where I got the Bachelor’s degree in Tourisme management. I’m the only people in the class still guiding, I love my job, and quite proud of what I’m doing. I’m a big fan of panda and adore nature, love meeting and serving visitors from all over the world.
I used to work for a travel company for 2 years. Be honest, I wasn’t always happy working there, got no paid from the travel agent, I had to take clients to many contracted shops, where tour guides got shopping commission as the main income. I quitted the job at the 3rd year, and started my own business with the help of internet. My business is increasing year by year, although sometimes I’m too busy to guide more tours, but I have never thought of opening a travel company, sitting in an air-conditioned office and dealing with clients’ emails, hiring other tour guides to work for me as many experienced travel guides will do. I wish more and more guides in China will find their own clients through internet and work with dignity. Without a middle man, I can directly contact my clients, getting to know more about their needs before meeting each other, their expectation, what they like and dislike, their physical conditions, I want to take people to the right places where they will find most interesting, and have a best experience. Based on my experience, I suggest visitors not only visit the popular tourists attractions, but also visit some off beaten path if your time permits. The Sichuan/Chengdu is quite a big province/city, very diversity both in culture and nature scenery.
I have to admit that I’m not very interested in taking people to the newly built Jinli “old” street or recently rebuilt Kuanzhai Alley, but I’m never bored of going to visit Pandas, watching them growing up each time is one of my hobbies. There are some pretty parks in Chengdu down town where you can see authentic Chengdu cultures and relaxing life style. As Chengdu is bordered to Tibetan area in the west, the scenery there is breath taking.
I own a van(7seats) and hire a professional driver(Mr.Ho), we are providing customer-centric  high quality tours to small groups. We have never taken clients to unnecessary shops, and we both believe the satisfied smile from our customers is the best reward to our work.
Tour fare paid at the end of the tour is OK, deposit is unnecessary. For the quotation of my tours, they are reasonable price(not only for westerners),bug given there will be 2 people (an English speaking tour+ a professional driver) plus a spacious MPV(an alternative car when the MPV leaves for frequent 4s maintenance), the price maybe not a small amount for many tourists with a budget, although I really wish I could assist every visitors to Chengdu. For instance, for one day tour of Panda Sanctuary+ city sightseeing, I charge 1000Yuan including tour guide, driver and van(fuel, toll fee also covered). While some youth hostels in Chengdu provide half day panda tours at the price of 98Yuan/PP, the public transportation is very cheap and mostly efficient in Chengdu, which is quite helpful for independent travelers. So Chengdu/Sichuan is really a hospitable city where each one can easily find a suitable way while traveling here.
I’m guiding outdoors most of the days, and travel to remote Tibetan area frequently, internet is inaccessible in some of the places, so I’m not always able to reply email promptly.

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Reviews of Yefei
Re: Haba Yefei
Last updated:  Mar 18, 2013  Posted: Mar 18, 2013
Author:  dlf_perth.

used Haba in March 2013 on 2 occasions. First to visit Panda Breeding Research Base. Haba was excellent and enhanced our experience here. Most significantly my wife #1 prioirty was to hold a panda and see behind the scenes at the Nursery. As the panda play costs CNY2000 the CNY600 we paid for Haba made sure this was booked in early and that my wife knew what to do to maximize her experience. As the panda only requires 1/2 to 2/3 day we included a good late lunch at a dumpling house and a tour of the peoples park and centre square on our way back to hotel. CNY600 (for 2 persons) included pre-purchased entry tickets so we went straight in on arrival and did not have to queue. WE found haba had a good knowledge of the panda facility and he made us aware of quite a few things about the panda, panda natural situation in Chengdu and information about the release trials etc. This added value to our panda experience that was well worth the fee paid (A$50 each) used Haba again to take us out to Dujlangyan (irrgation project, Minjiang River area and ancient bridges) where we needed a car. Given the 50km distance from Chengdu Haba organised a car and driver for the whole day. The driver dropped us off at the top and we only had to walk downhill on all the steps (a lot of them) with the driver meeting us again at the end of the day at the front of the tourist area around the ancient bridges. We doubt we would have been able to make this trip on our own using public transport and felt that the fee paid was good value - particularly as there is much less english information in this area. Recommend Haba as a professional and well informed guide. [we paid cash and communicated directly rather than via web page]


Re: Yefei
Last updated:  Apr 18, 2012  Posted: Apr 18, 2012
Author:  aeric

My wife and I used Haba as our guide for April 8-10, 2012.  In a word, he was fantastic!  Up until that point in our two week trip, our culinary experiences were rather lacking but all that changed when we arrived in Chengdu and met Haba.  Not only did he find us great places to eat, but his previous experience as a guide proved invaluable in recommending destinations and experiences that previous clients had found particularly impressive.  This all culminated with our time in Sichuan as easily being the highlight of our trip.  And all this was thanks to Haba.  He takes great care of his clients, right down to the tiniest details.  Not to mention that he has a wonderful sense of humor and is genuinely a pleasure to be around.


Last updated:  Apr 02, 2012  Posted: Apr 02, 2012

Myself and 4 other friends just returned from our trip to China 20 - 23 March 2012 (Chengdu, Juizhaigou and Xian).  We were muslim ladies from Malaysia and this was our first time visiting China.  We thank God for letting us meet such a wonderful and pleasant tour guide by the name of Haba.  He made our trip to China so memorable, full of sweet memories and unforgettable.  He was so accommodating, helpful, punctual, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, speak very fluent English, a great translator, energetic and of  course the best trait in him was his sincerity which really shown in the way he treated us. 

Apart from the agreed itineraries, he brought us into the Muslim areas of Songpan, visit to Qiang village, muslim night market at Xi'an which were really a valuable experience and eye opener to us.  His untiring effort to find muslim restaurant even at the remote towns and sincerely looking out for mosques at every stop made us so at ease and pleased.  Such itinerary really suit what we have dreamt off before we start our tour.  He didn't complain whenever we repeatedly asked for stops (as we arranged for a private van).  We really can't thank him enough for his warm hospitality to us.  His sincerity gave sense of security to us.  The journey was so pleasant with a young and careful driver which we would like to communicate to him if not for the language barrier.

We don't think we will be able to gain such invaluable experience if we joined the big tour group.  All our friends were amazed with our opportunity to explore such unique lifestyle of some ethnic groups in China.  They envy our experience and most of them were so interested to join should we have similar tour in future.  I really recommended to viewers who surf this website that Haba is one of the best, knowledgeable, excellent, sincere tour guide.


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There are 5 Panda Sanctuaries in Sichuan Province as below,

1. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Base(Chengdu Panda Base), 16km away from the city center, established in 1987,is the best place to see pandas of all ages,well designed facilities to watch over 50pandas there.

Huanglongxi Old Town

Last updated: Aug 10, 2015  Posted: May 26, 2012
ChengduSichuan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Chengdu
40km south to Chengdu
free of admission fee

Huanglongxi (Yellow Dragon River) is a 1700 years old town situated in the Chengdu southern suburb. The town is located by a  clear river and  surrounded by green mountains. Most of the natives are living by farming,and still keeping their very old traditional lifestyle.


Synotrip, Thanks So Much!

LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Last updated: Sep 21, 2014  First posted: May 13, 2010

It's my 40th day as a tour guide on Synotrip and Synotrip has already brought me 2 tours without even asking for any money.

I used to be a tour guide working for Lijiang CITS. With a daily salary of RMB25, and nearly no payment at all in the winter, as very few tourists come in the winter, it was so hard to make a living!

There are something should be avoided while traveling in Sichuan.

1.Avoid visiting Panda when the temperature is warm.

Most of the pandas will be moved to air condition rooms if temperature warmer than 26 Celsius degree.

The warmer of the temperature the less active they will be.So start early( before 8am) to see the panda

Hongyuan-Ruoergai Grassland(Tibetan area in western Sichuan)

Last updated: Aug 03, 2013  Posted: Aug 01, 2013
AbaSichuan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Aba
400-500km northwest to Chengdu

With a total area of 20,000 square km,this huge Tibetan grassland is my favorate place.

Yaks,Tibetan Nomad Tents and  monasteries are the main things you can see in this huge grassland,no internet no starbucks.


Shangli Old Town

Last updated: Jun 08, 2013  Posted: Jul 07, 2012
Sichuan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Sichuan Province
24 hours
Shangli Old Town,Ya'an City,Sichuan Province
no admission fee

Shangli Old Town is an ancient water town 20 km away from the Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Breeding Center. Surrounded by mountains and water, Shangli Old Town is noted for its evergreen trees, delicate hillocks, wooden resident houses, stone-paved streets, pagodas, ancient archways, caves,  prings, and ancient stone bridges.



Panda Valley
Last updated: Jan 16, 2013  Posted: Jan 16, 2013
DujiangyanSichuan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Dujiangyan
Baima Village,Yutang Town,Dujiangyan,Chengdu,Sichuan Province

The Panda Valley is located is the Qingcheng Mountain range,50 km away from Chengdu.

The valley is the training base to develop  their survival skill in the wild.  On Jan 11st, 2012

 6 pandas from Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Base were the first trainees in the


Ya'an Bifengxia Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center  

Last updated: Dec 23, 2012  Posted: Dec 26, 2011
ChengduSichuan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Chengdu
Ya'an City Bifengxia Scenic Spot

There are two Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan,one is Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center,the other one is in Bifengxia,120 km south west to Chengdu.


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