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tour recommadation about xi'an  

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Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Dec 30, 2010Travel Tips in Xian

      There are few tips I will remind to you.

How to arrnage the tour in the city downtown?

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2013  First posted: Oct 28, 2013Travel Tips in Xian

The great mosque and local Muslim quarter are two must places in xian, everybody can't miss it where you can enjoy the delicious local  food and exotic culture. And the Bell and Drum tower are all illuminated at night.

Pollution in xian at the winter time

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Hello Everyone:

 If you want to travel in my city at at the winter time, there is a tip about about the air quality in my city.

one day tour at the city xian

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  The great mosque and the little wild goose pagoda are two must places you can't miss. From the local Muslim quarter you can enjoy the local Muslim food and their exotic culture. And Bell and Drum tower are all illumined . they look very pretty at night.

Xi’an- Pottery Experience

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A must do when in China is to go out to Xi’an which is in the Shaanxi province and be blown away by the sight of the Terracotta Soldiers. At the moment China Tours are doing great deals on a one day tour to see this fascinating piece of history which you shouldn’t miss in your trip to China.

tickets price changed

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Last updated: Mar 05, 2013  First posted: Mar 05, 2013Travel Tips in Xian

the busy season in  xi'an is coming .most tourists sites changed their ticket  price .the new prices are listed as below 

terra cotta museum 150 per person

hua qing hot spring 110 yuan per person

city wall 40 yuan per person

big wild goose pagoda  50 yuan per person

bell tower 35  perperson

Xi'an Airport Shuttle Bus

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When you get out of the airport, go straight out the doors and you will see the transit buses in front of you. Its only costs you RMB 25 for the shuttle bus ride. It takes about one hour from the airport to the downtown Xian.

There are 4 shuttle bus lines in operation. The most used and welcomed bus line is the Line 1 operating between Xian airport and Melody Hotel ( Bell Tower).

options about kinds spend the weekends in xian

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Hello Everyone:

  If you finish all the regular sites in xian with you kinds, I would like recommend you to visit the other sites, like:

The tour guide in xian

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  What you mentioned about the good guide in xian. That guide need to be honest, professionalism, willing to listen, permanent learning, passion and a humble, relaxed, approach to any kind of competence, the pleasure to do their jobs, eager to learn new thing for everyday. 

The VIP Waiting Hall, which is specially prepared for passengers with cushioned berth tickets, can be found both on the first and second floor.