Tong Sheng Xiang-Mutton Pao Mo

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Hours: 11am-2pm; 5pm-9pm
Address: Bell and Drum Tower Square
Phone number: +86 (0)29 8721 0079, 8721 7512, 8721 8711

Tong Sheng Xiang is one of the more well-known places for getting Yangrou Pao Mo in Xi’an.

It is located next to the Drum Tower, in the park at the center of Xi’an city, next to Defachang dumpling restaurant.

Other Location:

No. 9 Jinhua Lu (金花路甲子9号)
+86 (0)29 83219285

Link: An introduction to Yangrou Pao Mo (羊肉泡馍)



   Re: Tong Sheng Xiang-Mutton Pao Mo


A must-try of Xi'an.

   I love Xi'an!


Xi'an is my favorite city in China.

I like the culture the food there.

and also its a new city with many cool bars.

Yeah,i do enjoy here.


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