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Last updated: Nov 01, 2011  First posted: Oct 25, 2010Travel Tips in Lijiang
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China is generally a cheap destination compared to Europe and North America.

But, because of the langauge and culture difficulties, many smart travelers use a guide to help them get the best out of their visit to China.

For example, recent visitors from Europe Vadim and Natasha, decided to use guides for the main destinations in China. "We prefer to spend less on the hotel, and more on the guide," said Vadim, who runs a travel agency in eastern Europe.

As for the cost of coming to China, there's something to be aware of: the Chinese currency is linked with the US dollar, and also rising in value against the US dollar. Currently you get around 6.6 yuan for every US dollar, though experts predict that within a few years it should be more like 4 yuan per US dollar.

What does that mean? In the future, it will be more expensive to travel around China. And perhaps you should consider taking another currency, such as the Euro, which is likely to stay stronger compared to the US dollar.


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It's really a interesting information. China is one of the cheap destination as compared to other destination. I am very glad to see such a nice information. I was looking for crucial information on this topic. Thanks!!!

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