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Author: michellegoh


Me and my boyfriend will be landing in Kunming on the 30th of June, and will be departing from there on the 9th of July. We have not planned our tour at all but would like to visit the places mentioned above and would like to get transport and a guide.

Author: asdunn

My husband and I would like to fly into Dali and fly out of Shangrila. 

Day 1:  We would like to have a driver meet us at airport and take us to sites outside of Dali and within Dali we would just do it ourselves.

Day 2:  The driver would then take us to Lijiang and the sites outside of Lijiang.  Any sites within town we would do our selves.

Author: slimjim

Dates changed- Now arrive in HK on April 10-after 3-4 days will travel to Yunnan. I am alone, over age 60 but good health. Looking for guide or companion for some or all of this time. Someone willing to travel would be great. Love food, culture, hiking. Dali, Lijiang, Shangra-la including minority village, hike TLG etc

Author: hockeychica

4 travelers.

24th --> (pick up from hotel) Kunming: Stone Forest & Dynamic Yunnan (leaving after lunch, ok?) [help with tickets as well]


No need for a guide, just transportation... and no need for the driver to speak English. 


Thank you!



Author: hockeychica

I'm looking for transportaion as well as booking help.


No need for a guide and driver does not need to speak any English.



23rd- late arrival at Kunming:  transportation to the hotel

24th- Stone Forest  --> Dynamic Yunnan show  -->  Dali


We will arrive in Kunming morning of Dec 24 and will only be there 24 hours.  We are interested in seeing the Stone forest with an English speaking guided tour.  What is included and what is the cost for family of 5 adults to be picked up at the airport mid morning (will get exact timing soon) and taken to the Stone forest and The Dragon Gate and returned to JinJiang Hotel.


Kunming City and its highlights around it (NOT Stone Forest as I have already have been there). Arrive Kunming in afternoon of 10th of Sep, need guide until Sep 13th, so in fact 3 full days.

Interested in cultural activities (incl. performances), natural beauty (can also be incl. hiking or some biking), life of people, do not like to drive too far and too long.

Author: kiernan

 we are two people,looking for a English speaking guide with car/driver. We wish to go to look at Ming tombs and maybe Pagoda forest and a lunch stop. Do not need to see Great Wall. We will need picking up at 9am and will be back by 3pm. Address is Chaoyang district by 5th ring rd. Please let us know prices etc.Thanks

Author: howiem51

 We will be on cruise ship coming to Dalian on May 7 and Qingdao on May 8. We are 4 people for sure but likely 8 who would like private tours of each City to see the most famous places and also do a bit of shopping. We requie guides who speak English well and can pick us up at the port where the ship arrives and return us there.

Author: cova

Dear friends,
>   As I was never in Southeast part of
> China and as I know that this part of China is really beautiful, we decide
> to make trip together to Guilin (for 2 days), Yunan (Lijiang, Shangrila, some
> small villages of ethnic minorities etc. - for appr. 5 days) and Sichuan (2
> days).

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