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I'm the founder of Synotrip. :)

We started Synotrip to make it easier for travelers to find quality information about travel and life in China for a whole bunch of Chinese cities. Turns out it's a never ending project! China's huge! I still post pictures, reviews and listings but my main focus now is on making the site better for everybody else.

Besides Synotrip, I run a business that provides foreign businesses with Chinese-language Internet marketing and Chinese website translation services. I also run a blog about...well...I guess it's about the different things that I come to think about while working on Chinese translation or digital marketing projects.

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Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

Last updated: Jul 09, 2012  Posted: May 08, 2009
Jiangsu ProvinceNanjingChina
Tourist Attractions in Nanjing
All Day, especially at night
Entrance to the actual temple is 35 yuan.

Situated in the south part of Nanjing and surrounded by the Qinhuai River, the Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) is one of the city’s most popular attractions.  Confucius Temple consists of a cluster of symetrically arranged buildings and covers an area of over 26,000 square meters.  The temple is home to excellent examples of both Ming and Qing dynasty architecture.


   Re: Leshan Tenfu Teaplantation


So that's what tea looks like. :)

Big Scarlet (Closed)

Last updated: Mar 18, 2013  Posted: May 21, 2006
Jiangsu ProvinceNanjingChina
Nightlife in Nanjing
Closed! :(
No. 34-1, Hubei Lu

The original Scarlet is now closed. :(     The second Scarlet location in Nanjing, called "Small Scarlet", is located in the 1912 bar district [4].


Guide to Nanjing Specialty Food  

Last updated: Feb 05, 2013  Posted: Jun 05, 2006
Jiangsu ProvinceNanjingChina
Restaurants in Nanjing
Nanjing has many famous specialty foods.  Some of these are unique to Nanjing and others are found all over China but get a special twist in Nanjing.


The quality and quantity of duck eaten in Nanjing has earned it one of it’s many nicknames - "Yadu" (鸭都) or "Duck Capital".


Xuanwu Lake Park  

Last updated: Sep 24, 2012  Posted: Oct 30, 2006
Jiangsu ProvinceNanjingChina
Tourist Attractions in Nanjing
Gulou District
Free enter for the outside, inner side 20 Yuan/ticket

Close to the city center and featuring 368 hectares of water and 104 hectares of land, Xuanwu Lake Park is a favourite getaway for locals.  Well before the sunrise and even after sunset, the park is bustling with visitors. Some come to walk, jog, or fly kites, others to practice Tai Chi, and many more just want to enjoy the scenery



Last updated: Jul 25, 2012  First posted: Jul 25, 2012

春节前Synotrip举办了第一届导游大赛(www.synotrip.com/awards) ,从获奖结果来看,真的可以说是“一分耕耘一分收获”,当然,在努力的背后,这些导游也一定有一些自己的小诀窍吧。
今天Synotrip采访了来自北京, 2011年度最佳年度业务奖获得者,Vivie (www.synotrip.com/vivie) ,看看她的话中,有没有你可以借鉴的金玉良言?

S代表Synotrip ;  V代表Vivie

Open 7:30 to 6:00pm
8 Yuan/ticket up to the View Terrace, 7 Yuan/ticket to park


   Re: Little Europe Pub - Bar and Restaurant


What city is it in?