Liaoning Radio and Television Tower

辽宁广播电视塔 liáo níng guǎng bō diàn shì tǎ
Last updated: Jun 25, 2012  Posted: Feb 05, 2009
Liaoning ProvinceShenyangChina
Tourist Attractions in Shenyang
Author: Ethan
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Hours: 8:30am-5pm
Address: Entrances are on Qingnian Da Jie or Xi Binhe Lu
Phone number: +86 (0)24 2393 1632
Price: 50 Yuan/ticket
The Liaoning Radio and TV Tower, at 305 meters, is easily the tallest structure in Shenyang. It’s commonly known in English as “the TV tower,” and in Chinese as 彩电塔 (cǎi diàn tǎ). The sign outside proclaims that the tower is one of the “top 50 tourist locations in Liaoning Province,” and one of the “top 15 in Shenyang.”
For 50 yuan visitors can take an ultra-fast elevator 200 meters up into the tower (70 yuan with dinner included). Inside the tower there is a rotating restaurant, a small bar with wine and beer, a few arcade games, and some pictures of “famous towers of the world.” The tower’s top attraction is likely the open-air viewing platform just upstairs from the restaurant and bar area. On a clear day Shenyang can be viewed in it’ entirety, and it can be very pleasant on a clear autumn evening.
Recommended: To make the most of your experience, go up the tower in the afternoon so you can see the city in daylight. Then enjoy a bottle of wine in the bar area, and head back up to the viewing platform for sunset. 
Note: You must have a reservation if you want to dine in the restaurant!


Location:  There are entrances on qīng nián dà jiē (青年大街) and xī bīn hé lù (西滨河路), just west of Qingnian Park (青年公园, qīng nián gōng yuán). 
Useful Bus Routes:
214 from Summer Palace, Government Square
238 from Wu Ai Market

How to Get There:

Local bus routes: 207、214、223、244、246、603.



   Re: Liaoning Radio and Television Tower


It is much similar as the one in Beijing, 

   Are they the same TV tower?


It`s looks so nice when it`s at night, but how come it looks totally different when the day time, are they the same TV tower?


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