San Hao Street Computer and Software City

三好街电脑软件成 sān hǎo jiē diànnǎo ruǎnjiàn chéng
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Mar 01, 2007
Liaoning ProvinceShenyangChina
Shopping in Shenyang
Author: Ethan
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Hours: Shops Close at 5:30 pm daily
Address: Intersection of Sanhao Jie and West Wencui Lu, Heping Dist.
Computer city, often called “diànnǎo chéng” (电脑城), or sometimes just“sān hǎo jiē” (三好街), is supposedly one of the largest computer and electronic markets in northeastern China. Though the shops here specialize in computers and software, basically any electronic item is sold here.
In the past, this was the place to go for cheap (and illegal) DVDs and computer software.  However recently, the police have been cracking down somewhat on the pirated movie trade (both in Shenyang and throughout China), but this just means that the trade is out of sight.  By strolling about the area for a few minutes, you’re bound to be approached by people saying “DVD, DVD, DVD!”  Go with them to begin browsing through their stash of incredibly cheap DVDs and software.
During the day the street is always packed with people.  If you get the craving for a Western snack, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Europaer, KFC, and a newly opened Subway Sandwich store are all located on san hao jie. 
Note: San hao street is NOT a good place to shop for cellular phones!  Also, all shops close daily at 5:30pm, so don’t plan on shopping late.
 How to Get There: Computer City is south of the inner ring road.  It’s a few blocks west of the Wenhua Lu Interchange and just east of Northeastern University (东北大学, dōng běi dà xué).  The following buses will take you there: 135,239,117,282,272,502,225,244,环。  Otherwise, all taxi drivers will know "sān hǎo jiē." 



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