Heidi's Restaurant and Bar

海蒂西餐厅 ( hǎidì xī cān tīng)
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Feb 05, 2007
Liaoning ProvinceShenyangChina
Restaurants in Shenyang
Author: Ethan
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Address: San Jing Jie, across from the US Consulate
Phone number: (0) 24 2289 4666
Just recently opened in December 2006, Heidi’s claims to be “your typical Swiss restaurant.”  While the surrounding scenery might not compare with the Swiss Alps, the inside is definitely worth a visit. The building’s façade is meant to resemble a mountain chalet, and the inside has a very nice atmosphere, well suited for romantic encounters.
The atmosphere is pleasant, but more importantly the food is tremendous! Western restaurants in China are rarely worth writing about, but Heidi’s is certainly an exception. The menu is entirely European food, including some traditional Swiss dishes, pastas, salads, soups, desserts, and even fondue (!!). They also have Chinese and imported wines and a full bar.  All the food is prepared in authentic European styles and very delicious. The wait staff can even speak English.
All in all, Heidi’s Restaurant is a winner, and highly recommended for a romantic date. However, do note that  the restaurant is not cheap. For a full meal (soup or salad, main dish, dessert, wine or cocktails), plan on 100-150 yuan per person. Those not looking to spend quite so much will still not be disappointed with the salad and pasta… I strongly recommend the lasagna.            
How to get there: First find the United States Consulate on San Jing Jie (三经街), Heidi’s is directly across the street. 



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