West Beer Town

西部酒城 xībù jiǔchéng
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Feb 06, 2009
Liaoning ProvinceShenyangChina
Nightlife in Shenyang
Author: Ethan
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Hours: 8pm-midnight
Address: 2F, Dawei Ying, No. 24 Si Malu, Heping Dist.
Phone number: +86 (0)24 2383 3366, 2383 3388
Price: 20 yuan with no reservation, free with reservation, ladies a

The West Beer Town is not particularly well-known among Shenyang’s foreigners, but it’s one of the more interesting places you will find here; and it’s worthwhile giving it a try for a night out with your friends. 
The theme of the large, two-level club is supposed to be western (‘western’ as in Wild West--cowboys and Indians, John Wayne, etc.), so the atmosphere is quite different from most nightclubs. Customers sit at large wooden tables on large wooden chairs, and the walls are lined with wagon wheels, saddles, and other ‘western’ memorabilia. The club’s main attraction however, an on-stage variety show, is very Chinese and has nothing ‘western’ about it. The show includes singing (possibly including lip-syncing), dancing, Er ren zhuan (二人转)—a popular style of comedy routine, an auction, and other miscellaneous acts. The performance is more grandiose and well-choreographed than most bar-shows and includes professional stage lighting, laser effects, pyrotechnics, and elaborate costumes. Many foreigners however, may find parts of the show to be a bit too hokey for their taste—e.g. a “strong man” performance that involves tearing apart a plastic bowl with his hands, and drilling himself with an electric drill. Also, most of the male performers are constantly guzzling beer while performing. 
Even though parts of the show may make you roll your eyes, the atmosphere of the place is fun and interesting enough to keep you amused for a few hours. Note that West Beer Town is really more of a theater than a bar, so don’t come here expecting to hang out and meet people. If you bring a group of your own friends, however, you should have a good time. 
Bottled beer: 25 yuan
Full bottles of liquor: from 240 yuan
Wine: from 150 yuan
Limited food selection includes ròu chuàr 肉串 (barbecue meat on sticks), popcorn, fruit, and other snacks. 
Note: It’s best to call in advance and reserve a table.  If you make a reservation by 6:00pm, there is no door ticket; if you don’t have a reservation you may have to pay 20 yuan to enter (ladies enter free). 
The bar is only open from 8pm to shortly after midnight, so don’t plan on going too late. 
Location: On Bei Si Ma Lu (北四马路), just one block west of Zhongshan Square (中山广场). The bar is on the second floor of a complex called David Camp, which also has spa/massage, swimming pool, and restaurant.  Most  taxi drivers will know “dà wèi yíng” (大卫营, David Camp). If not, just go to "zhōngshān guǎngchǎng", and walk west on Bei Si Ma Lu, the complex will be on your right. 



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