Party 98

排队俱乐部 Pàiduì jùlèbù
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Feb 05, 2009
Liaoning ProvinceShenyangChina
Nightlife in Shenyang
Author: Ethan
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Hours: Open late around 7pm
Address: No. 14 Qi Malu, Taiyuan Bei Jie, Heping Dist.
Phone number: +86 (0)24 2341 9988 2383 2046

Party 98 is a large, popular nightclub that usually has a good mix of Chinese and foreigners.  The club usually features a Filipino band that plays both Chinese and English music, and has dance music and sometimes foreign DJs late at night.  

Cocktails are not cheap here, but they sometimes have specials on beer. 

Location: Party 98 is on Sheng Li Jie (胜利街) just south of Xita (西塔), and 1 km north of the South Train Station.  Ask a taxi driver for "Xītǎ pàiduì".      



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