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Last updated: Dec 06, 2012  Posted: Jan 14, 2006
Restaurants in Shanghai
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Address: 3 locations in Shanghai, see addresses below

Simply Thai offers an authentic touch of classic Thai cuisine. Having lived in Thailand myself, I feel confident in testifying to their authenticity. The Simply Thai location in Xintiandi has a beautiful outside dining area that pours out onto the street. For those who aren’t fond of the cold, worry not, as there is an ample supply of heated lamps. Inside the lighting is soft and though the restaurant is small, you don’t feel exposed or overheard. The wine selection is impressive, particularly the ’wine of the month’ offerings, which are nothing short of spectacular. I recommend the clay pot roast duck and pineapple rice, or the chicken and coconut soup for those with a spicier palette. Many people take their children to Simply Thai, as there are enough options on the menu to keep their softer palettes happy, not to mention the desserts. Be sure to make a reservation on weekend evenings!

Simply Thai locations:

Madang Lu and Xingye Lu (in Xintiandi), Shanghai
TEL: +86 (0)21 6326 2088

5C Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu), Shanghai
TEL: +86 (0)21 6445 9551

Mei Entertainment Jie, 28 Lane, 3338 Hong Mei Lu, Shanghai
TEL: +86 (0)21 6465 8955



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You can enjoy the Thai Food with only 5 yuan :)

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Pretty nice restaurants with delicious Thai food. 


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