Square Street (Si Fang Jie)

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LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Lijiang
Author: Samantha
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Hours: All Day
Address: Center of Old Town, Lijiang City

Square Street is an ancient street in Lijiang.They have a special water system there.  The water are all from Jade Dragon Sonw Mountain which is cold and clearn.

photo by Lance W.



   Re: Square Street (Si Fang Jie)


Do not miss the folk dance in the morning by old Naxi ladies.

   Re: Square Street (Si Fang Jie)


Place to see how the locals live and work. Enjoy your time there!

   Re: Square Street (Si Fang Jie)


 Square Street is a very large area in the center of Old Town where people gather to talk, rest, have some refreshments, dance with the ethnic Naxi ladies, take photos, and even ride a horse.

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   How to go to the Si Fang Jie(四方街 means Square Market)


I just find all the pictures uploaded are not about Sifangjie.For a stranger it's really too difficult to find someplaces in the Lijiang Old Town with a total area of 3.8 square kilometers.Singfang (四方)means square or four directions(the east,the south,the west and the north).Actually, most of the main streets in the old town can lead you to the Sifangjie which located at the center of the old town.And the easiest way is starting from the two big waterwheels and walking along the east street(东大街) for 600meters until you find the archway as shown on the following picture. On a clear day,from 9am to 10:30am,there are some Naxi ladies dancing hands in hands on the square, worths a visiting.

My Guide: 

   Ancient street in Lijiang.


The water is really cold and clean, so some people just jump directly into the water and sitting on a chair to cold their feet.
And some bars near the water, they will just put beers into this water and it will get freeze.

photos by Lance W.

   All the words i can think about when i was here.


Wonderful, peaceful, quiet, nice, splendid, super, heaven...
That`s all the words in my mind when i was there, and people are really hospitality.
The are just so simple Chinese people, but they live in their own old town, there`s no way you can feel the annoying cars noisy and no modern here, no fashion here, they are the hippest.

   Old Town in Lijiang !


Square Street is located in the center of Old Town,  the streets paved with colorful stones, flat and clean. The traffic is very convenience and can goes every where.  This ancient city still remain in the Ming and Qing architectural features which is worth to go.



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