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   Re: Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)


Confucius was thought as the greatest teacher in China's history. But From Chunqiu danysty until now,i was thousand-year past. So today we even and never how is person of confusius. What we heared is from all the people oral by oral.

Anyway,some thoughts of Confusius is very good and wisdom . But till Ming Danysty a man called Zhu Xi, who misuderstood confucius' thought compeleted,and think women have no any place. Womna only serve man,what a shit person,from then Chinese women become stay in room everyday and can't go outside and begin to make the feet to 3 feet,which was suppose to be beautiful !

Horrible !

(can you add my skype : laure876,i have some questions to ask you and.... thanks)

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