Duan Qiao (Broken Bridge)

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Mar 06, 2009
HangzhouZhejiang ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Hangzhou
Author: Samantha
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Hours: All Day
Address: Beishan Lu, East side of Bai Di, inside of West Lack Scenic Area
西湖风景区内白堤东端, 北山路。
Phone number: +86 (0)571 8799 6663
Price: Free

The Broken Bridge is located at the Bai Causeway, and it is the place where Lady Snakewhite and Scholor Xu Xian met each other after them spearated by misunderstood, said of Chinese folk story "The Legend of Lady Snakewhite".

Bai Causeway was built by the most  is the most famous poet when he was the governor of Hangzhou. It is the most time-honored causeway at the West Lake, people named this ancient causeway as Bai (or Lord Bai ) Causeway in memory of him.

How to Get There:

Local bus routes: Y9,Y2,K7.



   I am finally at Broken Bridge!


I was dreamed of coming Broken Bridge for many years since i heard  the Chinese folk story "The Legend of Lady Snake White".
I don't know how to describe the feeling but i was so happy and excited coz i was walking through the bridge and it feels so good. But just so many people there though.
I really like the first photo i took, the Bride and the willow, the lake, it is the heaven of China.

   Deep connection with Hangzhou !


It`s so so nice to come here without the croweds, the lake and the people here give a special feeling. Every time i come to Hangzhou the only thing i can feel is relaxed. I really hope i can get a small house with a view of the lake and i will stay here forever.


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