Xiuying Battery

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HaikouHainan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Haikou
Author: Samantha
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Address: Xiuying Contry, Haixiu Zhong Lu, Haikou
Price: 10 Yuan/ticket
Buses 1 & 32 both pass by Xiuying Battery. Hop off the bus at Shimao Wan Lu and walk right up the hill a ways.  Xiuying Battery is on the right.  The battery was constructed in 1891 during the Qing Dynasty to defend against a French invasion. The small park still displays a few large cannons, some of the battery's original walls, and even includes underground tunnels that you can crawl around in.  A small museum displays pictures of the Japanese occupation and beyond.  (NOT OPEN FOR PUBLIC NOW)


How to Get There:

Local bus routes: 1、2、16、24、31、32.



   Old Xiuying Battery in Haikou.


Xiuying Battery used to protect Chinese people when invasion in 19 century`s.  But it was closed for protecting these old batteries, and you can only see them on the photos now.


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