Xin Jiang Restaurant

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Mar 04, 2009
HaikouHainan ProvinceChina
Restaurants in Haikou
Author: Samantha
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Hours: Open daily 11:00am-10pm
Address: Food street, Jinlong Lu, Haikou
Phone number: +86 (0)898 6853 8629, 6853 7799
Located in the Guo Mao district, this is the one of the first restaurants I came to when I moved to Haikou.  Two hostesses in long silk gowns open the door to a huge circular room with tiled floors and a stage in front upon arrival.  Typical Xinjiang décor of plastic leaves and grapes hang from the lattice roof.  Like most Chinese restaurants a TV dominates the front of the room, while several smaller ones, each with a different program, are scattered around different corners of the room.  Nevertheless, the food is outstanding.  The first time I went there five of us enjoyed an amazing meal of lamb shish kabobs, homemade noodles with chopped peppers, and several green vegetable dishes sautéed with garlic to just the right crispness.  The topper, though, was apple and sweet potatoes with a sweet caramel covering that you dip in a dish of cold water before eating.  The food just kept coming.  There were more dishes than I can remember to describe.  I had just come from California where a meal like this would have cost $200.  Much to my surprise the bill totaled just a bit over 100 RMB, around 15 US dollars. Since that day I’ve had a fondness for Xinjiang food.  I’ve been back to Xin Jiang Restaurant several times and have not been disappointed.  Meat lover are sure to enjoy the large leg of lamb that you can gnaw on like a caveman, while vegetarians will find plenty to appease more healthy appetites.  A picture menu makes ordering easy.




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