Wuyuanwan (Wuyuan Bay) of Xiamen

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Aug 30, 2010
Fujian ProvinceXiamenChina
Tourist Attractions in Xiamen
Author: Anya23
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Hours: all day
Address: northeastern Xiamen

Wuyuanwan area is located in the northeast of Xiamen island, total land area 12.56 km2(in which water area about 2 km2).
It is the only precious land integrating many natural sceneries and resources of water scenery, hot spring, vegetation, wet land and bay.
And it is an important area in a new round development of Xiamen City. In future planning, Wuyuanwan will be developed to be “Xiamen’s new living room, new trading port of southern Fujian”.
The special feature commercial street is start-up project of Wuyuanwan area. The project will play a positive role in attracting people, investment, business, increase of land value, and speeding up development process of the area.
The commercial street is designed along both banks of outer bay of Wuyuanwan. The street will be a medium and high grade commercial street with local special feature of southern Fujian integrating leisure, shopping, food and drinks, and recreation functions. The street will be a totally new leisure, recreation consuming place in Xiamen and southeast coastal area of China when the project is completed. The street will be developed in three phases. PhaseⅠ will mainly contain special food and drinks, and recreation business, phase Ⅱ and phase Ⅲ will progressively introduce medium and high grade shopping, leisure tourist industries.
Two small lake islets are under construction in the bay, one is Islet of Culture and Art (Opera House), another is Islet of water sports (Swimming and Diving Hall)
There's a continuous ring road about 8 km for walk, battery car and bicycle; along which are
the two high-star hotels, special commercial street, hot springs resorts, Wetland Park, Yacht Club and other large public facilities.
Wetland Park project is located in the south edge of Wuyuanwan, reconstructed and developed from the original spillway, fresh water, rural farm.
A depopulated land in the south freshwater protected areas is created as a paradise for bird feeding and sheltering; meanwhile, by the construction of wooden plank road, Pavilion, Tower, House, dike, bridge, etc., it builds a harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
On the other bank side, Wuyuanwan Yachts Exhibition Centre, launched in 2009, is 3000sq m, with 18 yacht builders on display. About 60 per cent of the centre's brokers represent brands like Azimut, Regal, Sunseeker, Princess, Sealine, Bavaria, Jeanneau, Beneteau and others. The remaining 40 per cent sell watersports equipment, marine parts and accessories. 
Xiamen’s Wuyuan Bay International Yachts Exhibition & Trade Centre.
(The whole area has not fully developed yet, but some facilities are done, and just for this, it is a peaceful place with good view.)
In the morning and evenning, it is really a cozy harbour for walking or jogging along the seashore.
So nice,Love it. 

How to Get There:

bus; car; taxi;within 20mins from the airport.



   Lovely place


We went there for dinner when we travel to Xiamen, they have a BBQ buffet dinner every weekend, with tasty food and wonderful view, we like there a lot.

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