Elena Luo
 "A local guide on the off-beaten trail in Yunnan"
Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
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Fee Per Hour: $10

Fee Per Day: $82

Gender: Female
Transportation: Private bus
 Private car
 Public transportation
English Level: Fluent
Services Provided: Tour guide
 Business assistant
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About me:

  Hello, Dear Travel Lovers!

  Welcome to Yunnan, my beautiful homeland!
  I've been a private tour guide since 2009, in Yunnan. I offer tailored tours to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangrila, as well as to Dongchuan Red Land, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Bamei & Puzhehei in Wenshan. My focus is to take people to places where it's authentic to absorb the beautiful nature, try wonderful local food,  intereact with beautiful people, and to experience the truthfullness of local culture.
  Growing up in the countryside of Yunnan, i always enjoy nature and value organic living so much.
  Graduated from English Major, i learned to speak, read and write English very well, yet am still helpless when it comes to numbers and years of history.
  Having been travelling around to different countries, and been in contact with people from all over the world, i learned to perceive things from different perspectives. And somehow i understand the place where you are, when you start planning a trip to different countries. 

  My personal interest is yoga and meditation, and anything that makes people happy, like dancing &silly singing, wonderful food, beautiful scenery, and heart-to-heart conversation.

  Have a wonderful day!

  With a smile,


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Elena Luo's Tours
Author: Elena Luo
4 to 8 hours

  Pick you up from hotel, visit the exciting local morning vege market, walk around the old town through the back lanes to the main squares, we can even climb 100 steps higher to get an overal view of the town. Then walk 10 minutes from the northern entry to Black Dragon Pool, enjoy walking around the water pond, and take the best photo from Lijiang.

Author: Elena Luo
3 to 5 days

Amazing Puzhehei, Bamei and Babao Village in Southeast Yunnan     

Author: Elena Luo
4 to 8 hours

  Hire a local minivan, and drive 20 minutes out of town, to Shika Snow Mt.. Shika Snow Mt. has got 2 levels of cable cars. First one takes you up to 3600 meter above sea level, where has a big wide grassland for yaks, and you can walk radomly, saying hi to yks, and listen to the sound of silence, feel the sun beam on your skin.

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