Elena Luo
 "A local guide on the off-beaten trail in Yunnan"
Kunming, Lijiang, Yuanyang, Yunnan Province, China
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Fee Per Hour: $10

Fee Per Day: $82

Gender: Female
Transportation: Private bus
 Private car
 Public transportation
English Level: Fluent
Services Provided: Tour guide
 Business assistant
 Car rental
 Airport/train station pickup
 Ticket booking
 Hotel reservations
Phone Number: +86 182 8889 0831
Other Contact Info: privateyunnantour@yahoo.com

Link:Local Guides Yunnan
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About me:

 Hello, Dear Travel Lovers!
  Welcome to Yunnan, my beautiful homeland!
  I've been a private tour guide since 2009, in Yunnan. I offer tailored tours to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangrila, as well as to Dongchuan Red Land, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Bamei & Puzhehei in Wenshan. My focus is to take people to places where it's authentic to absorb the beautiful nature, to interreact with local beautiful people, and to experience the truthfullness of local culture. Thus this invites you to bring along your daring soul, and leave all the expectations and fears behind.
  Growing up in the countryside of Yunnan, i always enjoy nature and value organic living so much, yet i still love sweet and icecream incredibly.
  Graduated from English Major, i learned to speak, read and write English very well, yet am still helpless when it comes to numbers and years of history.
  Having been travelling around and in contact with people from all over the world, i learned to perceive things from different perspectives, yet am still stubbornlly thinking that Lijiang is so so  beautiful, and China is such a wonderful land where people can freely express thier happy spirit. Have you ever seen anywhere else that common people would enjoy dancing in public squares, and singing spontaneously during their daily routines? Haha, I love it.
  However, am still a country girl, with much eagerance when confronting beautiful nature and people, and get moody when it comes to self-sacrifice, especially when the stomach is starving.
  Up to this point, i've no idea how to guide any more, as there is a belief system in me now that anything that comes along is a bleesing, and nothing can be ganranteed as otherwise it can be too boring. So if you are looking for a local travel friend, with an open and leisure spirit, then am here for you.

  Have a wonderful day!

  Sincerely, Elena (with a silly smile :)

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Elena Luo's Tours
Author: Elena Luo
Dates Available: 
Oct 04, 2014 - Dec 02, 2016
4 to 8 hours

  Pick you up from hotel, visit the exciting local morning vege market, walk around the old town through the back lanes to the main squares, we can even climb 100 steps higher to get an overal view of the town. Then walk 10 minutes from the northern entry to Black Dragon Pool, enjoy walking around the water pond, and take the best photo from Lijiang.

Author: Elena Luo
Dates Available: 
Feb 12, 2015 - May 13, 2016
3 to 5 days

Amazing Puzhehei, Bamei and Babao Village in Southeast Yunnan     

Author: Elena Luo
Dates Available: 
Oct 04, 2014 - Jan 02, 2017
4 to 8 hours

  Hire a local minivan, and drive 20 minutes out of town, to Shika Snow Mt.. Shika Snow Mt. has got 2 levels of cable cars. First one takes you up to 3600 meter above sea level, where has a big wide grassland for yaks, and you can walk radomly, saying hi to yks, and listen to the sound of silence, feel the sun beam on your skin.

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LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Last updated: Aug 09, 2014  First posted: Sep 30, 2010Body and Mind in Lijiang

  Boned in a remote village surrounded by endless mountains in Yunnan, I always had the dream to travel and see the world beyond. So I studied very hard in school and became the first university student in my little village.

Lashi Lake   

Last updated: Jul 27, 2012  Posted: Aug 28, 2010
LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Lijiang
North Lashi Lake, Lijiang Antient Town District
30 Yuan per person

  Rich in cultural and biological diversity, the Lashi Lake watershed is home to two minority ethnic groups, the Naxi and the Yi, and provides critical habitat for the endangered black-necked crane. The watershed is also the primary water supply to a large downstream population and the rapidly growing tourism industry in the historic city of Lijiang.


Arro Kampa Hotel, Lijiang

阿若康巴 庆云庄园
Last updated: Jul 29, 2015  Posted: Jul 28, 2015
LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Accommodation in Lijiang
8:00 am-11:00pm
No. 11 Qingyun Village, Longquan Community, Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang
980-1680 rmb/room

  Arro Kampa is a local owned chain hotel in Lijiang and Shangrila. Both hotels are beautifully designed, in local style. The one in Lijiang combines the luxurious comfort with the beautiful nature around, as well as the leisure atmosphere in Lijiang.  It is so so simply and beautifully designed that you feel life is so good, and i love being here.


Lamu's House of Tibet

Last updated: Jan 21, 2015  Posted: Oct 04, 2014
LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Restaurants in Lijiang
Jishan Lane, Xinyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, China
25 Yuan/drink

  There is a local saying that Lijiang is the world of woman, and the heaven for man. When visiting Lijiang, you see women or gilrs are busyy here and there, serving people in local markets, shops, hotels and restaurants. Local women are really running this world well. Lamu and her family's girls are one of these. As a family owned restaurant, all staffs are Lamu's cousins or nieces.


Tibetan Villages Around Shangrila

Last updated: Jan 15, 2015  Posted: Jan 15, 2015
Shangri LaYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Shangri La
Dabaoji Temple, Napa Lake, Jiantang Township
5-40 Yuan per person

  Diqing Prefacture, known as the Shangri-la to the outer world, is such a rich, beautiful and mysterious land for Chinese and foriegn travellers. Sitting on the highland, with altitude above 3300 meters high, it is still a home for virgin forest, snow capped mountains, wild ferocious animals, beautiful plants and rivers, precious herbs and mushrooms.



Last updated: Oct 05, 2014  Posted: Oct 05, 2014
Wen ShanYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Wen Shan
Bamei Town,Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefacture
100 Yuan/ticket

    A village which has been isolated for hundreds of years, all sufficient by itself, and the only channel to connect with the outer world is a cave, where you have to take boat in and out. Is there anything like this, at all? Yes, it's Bamei, about almost 8-10 hours drive from Kunming.


No.58 Yard

Last updated: Oct 04, 2014  Posted: Aug 11, 2014
ShaxiYunnan ProvinceChina
Accommodation in Shaxi
Sideng Jie, Aotou Village, Shaxi Town, Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan
30 Yuan per bed, 150-280 Yuan per room

    No. 58 Yard is one of my passion in Shaxi. It is a lovely cozy guesthouse with only 6 rooms, a cute little garden leisurely designed by the owner, who is from Taiwan. She is a quiet and artistic beauty. Anything she touches simply becomes beautiful. Never advertising any where, but No. 58 Yard remains the most popular one in Shaxi all year round.


The Ducks and Geese in Front of Songzanlinsi Lamasery

Shangri LaYunnan ProvinceChina
Last updated: Jan 18, 2012  First posted: Jan 18, 2012

   It is the middle of January in 2012. It has been snowing for about a week. The road got blocked by the heavy snow. We've been watching the sky and finally the sun shines, and finally we made the trip to Shangrila, with two customers from Austrilia.

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