Dalian Travel Tips Guide

Embassies and Consulates

DalianLiaoning ProvinceChina
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Feb 23, 2007Travel Tips in Dalian

Since the visa application process can vary from country to country one of the most useful resources will be the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest you.

Below are listings of both Chinese embassies and consulates abroad as well as foreign embassies and consulates within China.

Under The Sea in Dalian

DalianLiaoning ProvinceChina
Last updated: Dec 01, 2014  First posted: Nov 28, 2014Travel Tips in Dalian

Many people from China and the west have heard of Dalian which is famous as the Hong Kong of Northern China. Being a coastal city it is obvious that Dalian has some sea wildlife in the ocean next to it but what is not known by many who do not study ocean biodiversity is how amazingly diverse Dalian’s sea life is.