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Which is better: Lijiang or Shuhe?  

LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Oct 25, 2010Tourist Attractions in Lijiang

Visitors to Lijiang sometimes ask, which is better Lijiang or the old town of Shuhe?

These days, many Chinese prefer to go to Shuhe, because it is less crowded than Lijiang old town, but remember this:

there is an entrance fee to Shuhe, which is sometimes enforced at the main gate, depending on how you arrive and if you look like a tourist

Zhaozhou Bridge which is located in the famous historical and cultural county of Zhao, Hebei Province, it is the world’s oldest single-arch stone bridge still in use today, it has a history of over 1400 years and won the reputation of “ One of the Four Treasures in northern China”.

West Street Yangshuo  

Last updated: Feb 15, 2012  Posted: Oct 15, 2010
Guangxi ProvinceYangshuoChina
Tourist Attractions in Yangshuo

Yangshuo West Street is a historic district within the county, with 1,400 years of history, located in the town center, length of 1180 meters and 8 meters wide streets. Simple and elegant houses West, Northern style of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the small gray tiles, sloping roof, white walls, hanging balconies. "West" is a full color Foreigner Street West.


Jade Water Village  

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LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Lijiang

Naxi is the major minority in Lijiang. The Jade Water Village can demonstrate their living. During the Naxi New Year, there is big celebration. The old DongBa carry out traditional celebration and the place is open to public free of charge. 


Na Bai Lake  

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Shangri LaYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Shangri La

Na Bai Lake is at north of Shangrila. In summer, the pasture around is green and there are many yaks and sheeps. In winter, lots of birds from Siberia fly to here.   


Nuo Deng Village  

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Yunlong CountyYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Yunlong County
Nuo Deng Village, YunLong County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China

Nuo Deng Village can be traced back to 2000 years ago. The village was a very important salt mining spot in that time. It remains its traditional extraction method by burning wood to get salt. Today, it lives Bai minority there. In Qing dynasty, there were over 100 students got excellent result in official examination set by the government. 6 of them became officer in the central government.


Dongchuan Red Land  

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KunmingYunnan ProvinceChina
Tourist Attractions in Kunming
24 hours
Dongchuan County, Kunming CIty, Yunnan Province

Dongchuan Red Land is located in the town of Xintian, 40km southwest of Kunming City, near the milepost named “Flower Stone”. The area covering over hundreds of square meters is the most concentrated, typical and unique red land on the Yunnan red land tableland. Besides the red land in Rio de Janeiro, the spectacular red land of Dongchuan is healed the most magnificent red land in the world.


798 art district  

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Tourist Attractions in Beijing
Jiuxianqiao Street Chaoyang district Beijing

I will be a good cameraman, taking some amazing photos for you in here.

Young artist 's heaven.

arts centre for Painting  Music




Naxi sanduo festival  

LijiangYunnan ProvinceChina
Last updated: Mar 28, 2013  First posted: Mar 21, 2013Tourist Attractions in Lijiang

Naxi sanduo festival

sanduo festival is celebrated annually in ljiang on 8th of Feburary in chinese lunar calender, usually it is in  the middle of March in solar calender.

Forest of Stelae (Beilin Museum)  

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Shaanxi ProvinceXianChina
Tourist Attractions in Xian
No. 15 Sanxue Jie, Wenchang Men, Beilin District
45RMB/Ticket,Over 70 years old free of charge(with passport)