Bo Hanging Coffins  

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  Posted: Jun 15, 2011
Sichuan ProvinceYibinChina
Tourist Attractions in Yibin
Author: Nick
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Address: Yibin city Sichuan province

Coffins hanging over the cliff cave ?yes ,this is absolutely true .

in Yibin city ,near Gongxian and Xingwen county ,hundreds of wooden coffins were placed in caves  and precariously balanced on wooden stakes in the cliffsides .the oldest coffins date back to roughly 1000 years ,while the most recent addition was put there only about 400 years ago .
the coffins are attributed to the ancient Bo(僰,which was an extinct minority )people .this kind of strange burial custom is mysterious and how the coffins were get hanging on the cliff still remains unknown .
the Hanging Coffins(悬棺) are one of the more original sites in Sichuan .it will definitely appeal to travellers if you are looking for something a little offbeat :)

How to Get There:

 there's coach from Yibin to Gongxian county

hire a car will be more convenient~




   Re: Bo Hanging Coffins


It Is currently the largest number of domestic preservation, the most concentrated place.


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