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Since the visa application process can vary from country to country one of the most useful resources will be the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest you.

Below are listings of both Chinese embassies and consulates abroad as well as foreign embassies and consulates within China.

If you’re country isn’t listed try the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs to find Chinese embassies and consulates in your country.


China - Ministry of Foreign Affairs-中国外交部

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lots of information on China’s foreign policies and international relationships.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 中国外交部

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs list of Missions Overseas 中国外交部驻外机构名单 - If your country’s  embassy isn’t listed on our site then check this list to find a Chinese embassy near you.


Chinese Embassy in Australia 中国跓澳大使馆

Australian Embassy in China 澳大利亚跓中国大使馆

Australian Consulate in Hong Kong 澳大利亚跓香港领事馆

Australian Consulate in Shanghai, China 澳大利亚跓中国上海领事馆

Australian Consulate in Guangzhou, China  澳大利亚跓中国广州领事馆



Chinese Embassy in Canada  中国跓加大使馆

Chinese Consulates in Canada  中国跓加领事馆 - There are consulates in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto

Canadian Embassy in China 加拿大跓中国大使馆          



Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom 中国跓英大使馆

British Embassy and Consulates in China 英国跓中国大使馆和领事馆



Chinese Embassy in USA 中国跓美国大使馆

Chinese Consulates in USA 中国驻美国领事馆

Chicago 芝加哥
New York 纽约
Houston 休斯顿
San Francisco 旧金山
Los Angeles 洛杉矶


United States Embassy and Consulates in China 美国驻中国大使馆和领事馆

United States Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau 美国跓香港、澳门领事馆


New Zealand-新西兰

Chinese Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand 中国跓新西兰惠灵顿大使馆

Chinese Consulate in Auckland, New Zealand 中国跓新西兰奥克兰领事馆

New Zealand Embassy in China  新西兰跓中国大使馆