Cherry Choi
 "Tour guide /interpreter / sourcing agent in Guangzhou "
Foshan, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, China
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Fee Per Hour: $15

Fee Per Day: $85

Gender: Female
Transportation: Private car
 Public transportation
English Level: Fluent
Services Provided: Tour guide
 Business assistant
 Shopping assistant
 Car rental
 Airport/train station pickup
Phone Number: +86 13694274415 (WhatsApp, Viber)
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About me:

Hi ,This is Cherry, a sunshine girl ,27 years old.

Though Guangzhou is not my hometown,But I know Guangzhou very well and love this city very much.

Have been in Guangzhou for more than 6years,now living and working in Guangzhou city China.

I have been into sourcing / logistic /interpreter and tour guide service for more than 3 years .

As a private tour guide,I hope we can be just like friends not like tourist group.

Just wanted you can enjoy the trip and sightseeing .

I know what funny places to go ,and also good restaurants and nice hotels.

Meanwhile,I know my hometown-Foshan city very well,and also Hongkong.

In a word,I love my country-China.

Welcome to China.

I will try my best to help you.

my main service :

*1) Airport pick-up & drop-off (including Hong kong airport)*

*2)Car service with driver on actual charges basis*

*3) Sightseeing/tourist guide,food and shopping guide.*

*4) Price negotiations with Suppliers on client's behalf.*

*5) Interpretation,translation of document/email/websites for Client.*

*6) Local Market assistance in China.*

*7) Interpreting Service/Car rental/Sourcing agent in Guangzhou.*


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Reviews of Cherry Choi
Great service from a great guide
Last updated:  Jan 08, 2016  Posted: Jan 07, 2016
Author:  Brianr70

Our family decided while staying in HongKong we would visit ShenZhen and Guangzhou and that a guide would be needed.

We contacted Cherry via email and had great communication from Cherry.

Once we met we found Cherry extremely helpful and knowledgeable,  able to offer suggestions of what to see and do.

Having someone who can speak chinese and can interpret for you makes life a lot easier. 

Cherry made our trip so much more enjoyable and we could not have done it without her.

Would strongly recommend Cherry as a guide and would certainly be using her services again.


Re: Cherry Choi
Last updated:  Dec 15, 2014  Posted: Dec 15, 2014
Author:  Judithpeake

Hi dear Cherry,

We can't believe that nearly three months has passed since you so kindly showed us some of the highlights of your wonderful city.

Guangzhou was so fascinating and your kind,your consideration and the effort you paid on us,made our Guangzhou trip more wonderful and unparalleled.

Thank you very much Cherry.

We have seen so much of France , Spain , Portugal and Morocco since but we are now heading to Amsterdam for the final part of our holiday.
We hope you received our postcard. Your address is so long it took up most of the space on the postcard!kkk

How the wonderful time flies!!! 

I think me and my husband will go to China again,then we can meet again. And you are always welcomed to come and meet us in Australia.

You are a smart,kind-hearted and responsible person,you are the best tour guide,we love you!!!

Take care & keep in touch!



Re: Cherry Choi
Last updated:  Dec 15, 2014  Posted: Dec 15, 2014
Author:  Matt0678

Hi dear Cherry :)

I'll swap you, it's about 35C here back in Australia - I miss the cool GZ weather. :) I had lots of fun in Philippines as usual, but now back to the "real world" again, doing work, paying bills, etc.

I loved my short time in China and you made it so interesting and enjoyable. I really want to thank you for the effort you put in for me.

You gacve me many happy memories, and I hope I can come back again one day, and if you ever come to Australia I will be happy to show you around here too. :)


Hi ererybody,if you are planning to go and visit China,I would highly recommend Cherry to be your guide,no matter for business or private trip,Cherry is your BEST CHOICE!!!


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Lingnan Impression Park

Last updated: Jul 21, 2015  Posted: Jul 21, 2015
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou
Lingnan Impression Park, Waihuan Xilu, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, GZ

Lingnan Impression Garden is located in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre, the Lingnan Impression Garden(岭南印象园)embodies the essence of local culture. Covering an area of 16.5 hectares, it’s a tourist attraction integrating sight-seeing, leisure, entertainment, catering and shopping service.


Taigucang Pier

Last updated: Aug 29, 2014  Posted: Aug 28, 2014
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Travel Tips in Guangzhou
No.124,Ge'xin Rd,Haizhu District,Guangzhou.

In the 1955-1960 years, Taigucang was the wharf within the port each operating point of Guangzhou, the production of the busiest ship to harbor the highest density, throughput largest marina; due to the large storage capacity, the cargo operation apart, Pacific warehouse also often used for storage of important materials.


Chongqing Kongliang Hot-pot Restaurant

Last updated: Aug 29, 2014  Posted: Aug 29, 2014
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Dongfeng zhong Rd. 2nd Floor of Yuexiu City Plaza,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou.
65yuan per person

One of the most typical spicy hot-pot of Chongqing City,this is one of the branches in Guangzhou.

If you love the spicy food,you can't miss it.

Hope you like it.


Onelink Int'l Toys & Gifts Wholesale Market.(also called Onelink Plaza)

Last updated: Aug 08, 2014  Posted: Aug 08, 2014
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Shopping in Guangzhou

Onelink Plaza,a big market mostly for Office Supplies,toys,gifts,home decoration,accessories etc.

The biggest and the most Comprehensive toys&gifts Market in Guangzhou.

Wholesale and Retail.

From the ground to the 7th floor is the market,the rest floors are the offices or the showroom of the companies.


Panxi Restaurant

Last updated: Aug 08, 2014  Posted: Aug 08, 2014
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Restaurants in Guangzhou
No.151 Longjinxi Rd. Liwan District,Guangzhou.
40-80 Yuan per one

Panxi Restaurant,a typical cantonese garden restaurant.

It's one of the oldest restaurants in Guangzhou.

It is located in Liwan District,and next to Liwan lake Park. You can have a nice view from its backyard.

There is a lake in its backyard,you could take the boat and enjoy your food on it. To have a slow and relaxing time then.

The food there also very nice.


Foshan Ancient Nanfeng Klin  

佛山 南风古灶
Last updated: Aug 08, 2014  Posted: May 29, 2013
FoshanGuangdong ProvinceChina
Travel Tips in Foshan
Gaomiao Rd,Shiwan Town,Chancheng District,Foshan City,Guangdong,China (opposite the CITIC Market)

the Ancient Nanfeng Klin is the symbol of fine art.

the Ancient Nanfeng Klin, Doll Street, the largest pottery center in the world which is an impressive 3000 square meters and Shiwan Ceramics Museum. Here you will have the opportunity to personally produce your own ceramics. 


Yunshuiyao old town(The Knot Town)

Last updated: May 04, 2014  Posted: May 04, 2014
Fujian ProvinceZhangzhouChina
Tourist Attractions in Zhangzhou
all day
Zhangzhou old town,Fujian Province,China.
70-100 yuan per person for the entrance ticket

The Knot town is a historic ancient village, with a long and old village trail, hundred years old Banyan trees, magical Earthen, the village is Surrounded by mountains, the water is so clear as a mirro, all the things giving you a sense of the anscendent.


Canton Tower

Last updated: May 04, 2014  Posted: May 23, 2013
Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhouChina
Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou
150-300yuan per person


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