Beijing Transportation Guide

Beijing Subway 北京地铁

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Apr 14, 2006Transportation in Beijing

The Beijing Subway system is often the the fastest mode of transportation for moving around the city.

The subway of Beijing

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I hope this map can be a little help for the people who want to use it,

as a guide, we want to make contribution to all the friends who use the synotrip

Public Buses 公共汽车

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Mar 07, 2009Transportation in Beijing
Public buses are a convenient and cheap way to get around Beijing IF:
- It is not rush hour.  Traffic in Beijing can become very congested.  During the morning and late afternoon it is wise to take the subway if possible.

good morning beijing

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Taxis 出租车

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Taxis are a convenient and comfortable way to get around BeijingThere are approximately 70,000 taxis and it is therefore relatively easy to hail a taxi from most parts of the city.  Weekend nights outside busy places such as shopping malls and bar districts are a little trickier and you may have to queue or wait longer than usual to find a tax


Hello everyone,
As a local Beijinger who know the city “inside out”, I can recommend many interesting and exciting thins to do in and around Beijing, such as sightseeing, shopping, Hutong tour, cultural events and shows, and of course where is the good place to try local cuisine like Peking duch and hot pot.