Public Buses 公共汽车

Last updated: Oct 01, 2011  First posted: Mar 07, 2009Transportation in Beijing
 Author: Tai-Te
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Public buses are a convenient and cheap way to get around Beijing IF:
- It is not rush hour.  Traffic in Beijing can become very congested.  During the morning and late afternoon it is wise to take the subway if possible.
- You know where you are going.  Bus signs are written in Chinese characters and the drivers and change collectors rarely (if ever) are able to speak English.
Some of the buses in Beijing have a box near the driver in which you can insert change.  Payment on these buses is usually one yuan no matter how far you go.  Other buses have an employee whose sole job is to collect payment from customers.  Payment on these buses is usually based on how far you travel.  An IC card is also available for a monthly fee.
A long bus in Beijing